Which Wines Pair the Best With Sushi?

wine and sushi

Your food and drink pairing can make or break your meal. Many people prefer sake or beer with their sushi, but wine can be a perfect choice if you like something lighter. Get the most out of your dining experience with one of these wines that pair well with sushi.

A Brief History of Hibachi Cooking

hibachi cooking

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting a hibachi restaurant, you know that it’s as much an entertaining experience as a delicious one! But what you might not know is hibachi’s origin story, which is full of twists, turns, and other spicy surprises. Read on to learn the history of hibachi!

Sake to Me: A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Sake

A woman's hand pouring sake into a small cup with flowers in the background

Often referred to as nihonshu, sake is a quintessential alcoholic fermented rice drink. While it has long been used for weddings, funerals, and everything in between, this national beverage is making waves abroad. Drink aficionados are growing appreciation for the subtle flavors, several classifications, and bold pleasures of this meticulously crafted Japanese alcohol. If you’re […]

Roll Call: A Brief Guide to Sushi Terminology

Sushi platter with sushi rolls, sashimi, and more

Whether you’re a first-timer or you know you could stand to brush up on your Japanese cuisine, it’s no secret that a sushi restaurant can be intimidating. The menu — while written in English — seems like a language all of its own. While there are countless sushi-related terms, we’ve put together this quick guide […]