Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in East Norriton, PA

Located on Dekalb Pike across from the Dekalb Plaza, our Japanese cuisine restaurant in East Norriton, PA, honors all that nature has blessed us with. We use natural ingredients in each of our chef-inspired dishes for a fresh, one-of-a-kind experience. As one of the best Japanese restaurants in East Norriton and the surrounding Montgomery County, PA, area, we are committed to bringing an authentic Japanese experience while also placing new, delectable creations on the table. Menu highlights include salmon, shrimp, and steak cooked hibachi-style as well as sushi and sashimi.

Whether you are looking for unique birthday celebration, dine-in, hibachi, sashimi, or sushi restaurants in East Norriton, PA, you’ve come to the right place. Kabuto has popular hibachi-style dishes as well as exquisite sushi and sashimi. Each dish can be paired with our signature cocktails, domestic and imported beer, and a wide selection of fine wines for a meal that everyone will enjoy.

Among the Finest Sushi Restaurants in Montgomery County, PA

Sushi has been increasingly growing in popularity in the United States, which isn’t surprising because it’s both delicious and diverse. Whether you prefer sushi rolls with garnishes and sauces or a more traditional Japanese sushi dish that is less dressed up and allows the fish to shine, our Japanese cuisine restaurant in East Norriton, PA, has everything you need to satisfy your taste buds.

Know Your Sushi

Did you know there are several types of sushi? There’s Nigiri, Chirashi, Maki, Uramaki…and the list goes on! Our sushi restaurant in East Norriton, PA, offers Nigiri, Chirashi, and Maki, and we wanted to give a quick overview of the differences between these types of sushi.

  • Nigiri: When sushi is served Nigiri style, the vinegared rice will come in a small ball and be topped with a small slice of raw fish. The sushi can be eaten by hand.
  • Chirashi: This dish features vinegared rice topped with a mix of raw fish and an array of complementary garnishes. It’s quick to make and easy to enjoy, making it the perfect quick meal on a busy day.
  • Maki: Maki is rolled sushi. It is traditionally made with a sheet of nori and contains a layer of rice, vegetables, and fish. The whole thing is rolled up with a bamboo mat and then cut into 6-8 pieces. It’s a great way to enjoy sushi at our dine-in restaurant in East Norriton, PA, because it ranges in size, style, and flavors.

Are you ready to expand your horizons and try new dishes from the top sushi restaurant in East Norriton and the surrounding Montgomery County, PA, area? We believe you will not be disappointed!

On the Lookout for Sashimi Restaurants in East Norriton, PA? Kabuto Is the Place to Be!

While many people use the terms “sushi” and “sashimi” interchangeably, sashimi is actually its own traditional Japanese dish, distinct from sushi. Sashimi is a thinly sliced piece of raw meat not served with rice. Typically, sashimi is a type of salmon or tuna, but it can be shrimp, scallops, mackerel, or other types of fish.

Whichever type of fish is used, this dish calls for only the highest-quality seafood. As a leading Japanese cuisine restaurant in East Norriton and Montgomery County, PA, we ensure our Sashimi-grade fish are caught on a single line (rather than a net) and iced immediately to keep it fresh and prevent a buildup of lactic acid. The result is a fresh, tasty dish.

No matter if you are seeking a place to grab a bite to eat with a friend or a celebration restaurant in East Norriton, PA, our sushi bar can provide an unforgettable experience.

One of the Best Birthday Celebration Restaurants in East Norriton, PA

Are you looking for a restaurant for a birthday dinner in East Norriton, PA? When it comes to celebrating another year, a restaurant that can be found on every corner no matter where you travel just won’t cut it. That’s why many people come to our Japanese cuisine restaurant in East Norriton, PA, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Between our sushi bar and hibachi grill, the guest of honor is sure to find a dish that they will enjoy.

Our dining room is spacious and bright, making it the perfect place to celebrate the guest of honor. Each table also has a full view of the hibachi grill so that customers can interact with the chefs for a more memorable dining experience. Do you wish to have a more private space for your business or family event? We have large banquet rooms perfect for accommodating parties of all sizes. Create a night to remember by hosting a birthday celebration at our restaurant in East Norriton, PA.

Reasons to Visit Our World-Class Hibachi Restaurants in and Around East Norriton, PA

As one of the top hibachi restaurants in East Norriton, PA, we make every dining experience a work of art. From the excitement of seeing your food cooked in front of you to the fresh, delicious food, every meal here will be the best meal you’ve ever had. Don’t believe us? Here’s why you should consider our restaurant for everything from birthday dinners to meals for two in East Norriton, PA:

  • Amazing Knife Skills: You may have seen a hibachi chef on the TV, but there’s nothing quite like seeing their skills in person.
  • It’s Dinner and a Show: Our chefs love to entertain guests, and their theatrics is what make us one of the top hibachi restaurants in East Norriton, PA.
  • No Awkward Moments: There are no dull moments or lags in conversations at our hibachi restaurant. From the time you sit down to the time you pay, fun and eating ensue.
  • Fun for All Ages: Adults, kids, and the elderly alike love the drama and fun of a hibachi restaurant. Plus, it’s a great cultural experience, complete with tasty cuisine.

Eat at Our Japanese Restaurant in East Norriton, PA

Whether you are looking for the top sushi, birthday, or dine-in restaurant, our Japanese cuisine restaurant in East Norriton, PA, can satisfy all your needs. Come into our hibachi and sushi lounge today. You can also learn more about our beginnings or check out our other locations in MD, including: