Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Rosedale, MD

At our Japanese cuisine restaurant in Essex, MD, we stay true to nature and tradition. We create delectable dishes with the freshest ingredients and use the marvelous techniques of those who have come before us. Each chef-inspired dish brings something new to the table while honoring Japanese traditions. As one of the best Japanese restaurants in Essex, MD, guests have enjoyed our extensive and ever-changing selection of sushi rolls, sashimi, and hibachi-style steak.

If you’re on the hunt for spectacular hibachi, sashimi, sushi, dine-in, or birthday celebration restaurants in Essex, MD, you’ve found the right place. We are all these things in one, offering delicious bites as well as fun entertainment in our dining room and large banquet room. Whether you are hosting a private family event or looking for a place for a dinner-for-two, we can meet your needs.

Searching for Top Sushi Restaurants in Essex, MD? You’ve Found It!

We’re proud to be the top restaurant among sushi lovers throughout Essex, MD, and the surrounding areas. Whether you enjoy dipping your sushi in an assortment of sauces or letting the tangy-zip of the vinegared rice and saltiness of the fish shine through, we’ll serve you a dish you can’t get enough of.

Sushi Enjoyed at Our Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Baltimore County, MD

Not all sushi is alike — and this is a good thing! Our variety ensures everyone will find something that will satisfy their taste buds. At our Japanese cuisine restaurant in Essex, MD, we serve three main types of sushi: Nigiri, Chirashi, and Maki. Our chefs are often asked about the differences between these types, so we thought we would provide a quick overview of each one:

  • Nigiri: This type of sushi is designed for easy eating by hand. The rice comes in ball form with a small slice of raw fish on top.
  • Chirashi: This dish features a bowl of vinegared rice topped with slices of raw fish and various garnishes. It’s a quick, filling meal.
  • Maki: Maki is rolled sushi with layers of rice, fish, and vegetables. It is the style of sushi that most people are used to and is a popular item at our dine-in restaurant in Essex, MD.


If these descriptions piqued your interest, you should plan a trip to the best Japanese restaurant in the Essex, MD, area. Our chef-inspired dishes will be sure to please even the pickiest person’s palette.

Stop By the Best Sashimi Restaurant in Essex, MD

Are you a huge fan of dishes with fish as the highlight? You’ll love the sashimi from our Japanese cuisine restaurant in Essex, MD. While many mistakenly assume sashimi is a style of sushi, it is actually its own distinct dish. Sashimi is made with a thin slice of fish — typically salmon or tuna — and does not contain the staple of sushi: vinegared rice. We carefully craft each one of our sashimi dishes with the highest quality sashimi-grade fish so that guests enjoy a fresh explosion of flavor with every bite. Whether you are looking for a restaurant for a birthday dinner or a special night out in Essex, MD, our sashimi restaurant can provide a one-of-a-kind taste journey.

Celebrate at One of the Best Birthday Celebration Restaurants in Essex, MD

Everyone loves coming together to celebrate another year of a family member’s, friend’s, or co-worker’s life, especially when there’s delicious food involved! If you’re searching for a birthday restaurant, your hunt can stop with our Japanese cuisine restaurant in Essex, MD. Everyone is guaranteed to find a dish they love between our hibachi grill and sushi bar.

Our dining room and large banquet room are two reasons our restaurant is a popular pick for birthday dinners throughout the Essex, MD, area. The dining room is spacious and bright, allowing for easy connection with family and friends. It also has a clear view of the hibachi grill for endless entertainment. If you’re seeking a more private space, you can reserve our large banquet room, which accommodates parties of various sizes and is ideal for business dinners and family events alike.

No matter the occasion you are honoring, you will not regret hosting your party at our celebration and birthday restaurant in Essex, MD. Our talented chefs will provide the food and entertainment you need to have a memorable time.

Reasons to Eat at the Top Hibachi Restaurant in Essex, MD

In a bustling place like Baltimore County, MD, there are loads of diners and eateries to choose from when your stomach starts rumbling with hunger. Why should you select Kabuto over the other options? As the top hibachi restaurant in Essex, MD, we do not simply serve food — we serve art. From the way we prepare your food to how it graces your tastebuds, we strive to create a unique experience for our guests.

Here are a few reasons we believe you and your family will love eating at our hibachi restaurant in Baltimore County, MD:

  • Incredible Knife Action: Our hibachi chefs know how to handle their knives, and guests are often left in disbelief that what they saw actually happened.
  • Delicious Food and Entertainment: Not only is your food prepared in front of you at hibachi restaurants in Baltimore County, MD, but it’s also made with the most skilled hands. After a thrilling show of flying food and smoking onions, you’ll get to bite into dishes that will make your tastebuds sing.
  • Something for Everyone: Our hibachi menu features an assortment of items that are sure to please everyone’s palettes. Plus, the theatrics of our chefs excites even the pickiest eater to try something new.

Explore the Diverse Menu at Our Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Essex, MD

Whether you love the sweet and sour combination of sushi rolls or the smoky burst of hibachi-style steak, you can find exactly what you want at our Japanese cuisine restaurant serving Baltimore County, MD. At Kabuto, we provide an authentic Japanese experience for each guest. Learn more about our restaurant and visit us today! If you don’t live near Essex, you can visit us at one of our other locations: