Our Japanese cuisine restaurant in Parkville, MD, is conveniently located near the North Plaza Shopping Center, so after a day of shopping or driving about town, you can relax and enjoy fine, delectable dishes. Each plate we serve is a masterpiece that combines the freshest fish with seasonal ingredients for never-tasted-before dishes. Popular menu items include hibachi-style NY steak, sushi rolls, and sashimi.

Whether you are looking for a dine-in, birthday, or hibachi restaurant in Parkville, MD, we can meet your needs and preferences. As one of the best Japanese restaurants in Parkville, MD, Kabuto has a wide selection of sushi, sashimi, and hibachi items, as well as domestic and imported beer, wine, and cocktails. No matter your tastes, we have something that will make your taste buds sing.

Looking for Sushi Restaurants in Parkville, MD? The Search Ends Here!

Whether you prefer to dip your sushi in sauces and garnish it with a variety of fruits and vegetables or keep it more traditional to highlight the tanginess of the vinegared rice, our sushi restaurant in Parkville, MD, has a variety of dishes to choose from. You can enjoy a flavor explosion ranging from sour to sweet and salty.

Types of Sushi at Our Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Baltimore County, MD

As a top sushi restaurant in Parkville, MD, we offer three main types of sushi. These options include Nigiri, Chirashi, and Maki. It can often be confusing to know the difference between these sushi styles. Fortunately, you don’t have to be confused for long. Our chefs and staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about items on our menu when you’re in the restaurant, but to give you an idea of the differences now, here’s an overview of these sushi types:

  • Nigiri: This style of sushi includes a ball of rice topped with fish. It can easily be picked up by hand for eating.
  • Chirashi: Chirashi is sushi that comes in a bowl. The rice is placed in the bowl first, and then the fish and garnishes are set on top of the rice. Chirashi is a well-loved dish in our Japanese cuisine restaurant in Parkville, MD, especially among people who love fishy dishes.
  • Maki: This style of sushi involves rolling a layer of rice, fish, and vegetables into a sheet of nori with a bamboo mat. The roll is then cut into a few different pieces. Many people enjoy dipping the maki in soy sauce before eating.


What better way to expand your tastes than at a top Japanese cuisine restaurant in Baltimore County, MD? We have an array of dishes loved by people with varying tastes.

One of the Best Sashimi Restaurants in Parkville, MD

Did you know that sashimi is not a type of sushi? If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be alone. Many people do not realize that sashimi is a distinct dish from sushi. While sushi comes with vinegared rice and may or may not have raw fish, sashimi is known for its thin slices of raw fish and lack of rice. In this way, the fish in the sashimi can shine. Many of our guests at our dine-in restaurant located in Parkville, MD, prefer sashimi over sushi, especially if they love dishes full of fish flavor.

Some of the Best Fish for Sashimi

Traditionally, sashimi is made with salmon or tuna, but many other types of fish perform well in this dish. At our sashimi restaurant in Parkville, MD, we ensure the flavor of the fish is the star of the show — no matter which fish you choose. We believe some of the best fish for sashimi include:

  • Tuna: Tuna is a popular fish for sashimi because it can be eaten raw or cooked. It also has a great deal of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for heart health.
  • Salmon: Another popular fish found in sashimi is salmon. It has tons of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as B-vitamins.
  • Yellowtail: Like tuna, yellowtail has a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids and acts as a great source of protein. It also offers health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.
  • Fluke: Fluke is a popular fish for sashimi in many Japanese cuisine restaurants throughout the Parkville, MD, area because it is a fish commonly caught in the Northeast of the United States. It is also well-loved for its delicate, smooth flavor.
Among the Top Birthday Celebration Restaurants in Parkville, MD

When it comes to celebrating a loved one’s birthday, the location of the celebration is just as important as the quality of food. Fortunately, you can get both a fantastic party space and amazing food at our Japanese cuisine restaurant in Parkville, MD. Our dining room is spacious and energetic, perfect for helping the guest of honor feel valued and appreciated. If you would like a more intimate and private space, you can reserve a large banquet room, which is well-suited for business and family events of all sizes. Our hibachi grill makes the night even more memorable by providing front-row seats to the making of your meal. All evening, guests can easily interact with each other and their chef.

If the birthday guy or girl and their guests are not interested in hibachi, we also have an extensive sushi bar. It is because of our sushi that we are the best Japanese restaurant in Parkville, MD, and it makes for a fantastic way to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Whether you are turning 21, 35, or 80, you can’t go wrong choosing our restaurant for your birthday dinners in Parkville, MD. Our chefs will take you on a flavor journey that will start your next year of life off right.

Why Choose Our Hibachi Restaurant in Baltimore County, MD?

At our hibachi restaurant in Parkville, MD, diners feast with their eyes before eating delicious cuisine with their mouths. We treat every dish as if it were a piece of art — from the way we prepare and plate it in front of our guests to how it tastes. We pride ourselves on ensuring every guest goes home full, happy, and awe-struck.

Curious to know how else we stand out as a top hibachi restaurant in Parkville, MD? Here are some other reasons we believe you’ll enjoy eating at our hibachi grill:

  • A Trick or Two (or Three): Our hibachi chefs are wizards with their knives, and it’s a sight to behold in person. Plus, you may get a piece of food tossed into your mouth (if you’re skilled enough to catch it).
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Look: We don’t have walls preventing you from seeing how your meal is prepared. You can see the way ingredients are handled and get insight into hibachi cooking techniques.
  • A Show and a Meal: Hibachi restaurants in Baltimore County, MD, are popular because they provide a meal and entertainment wrapped up in one great price.
  • An Epic Experience for Everyone: Young and old love the drama of open flames and the theatrics of our chefs as they chow down on exquisite food. The entertainment value is also why many people choose our restaurant for their birthday dinners in Parkville, MD.


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Enjoy Dinner at Our Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Parkville, MD

As the top hibachi and sushi restaurant in Parkville, MD, we provide an authentic Japanese experience. Whether you prefer the tangy-zip of sushi or the smoky taste of hibachi-style steak, we believe you’ll find something you love here and that you’ll even designate us as your annual birthday celebration restaurant in Parkville, MD. Come into our sushi bar and hibachi grill today!

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