Your food and drink pairing can make or break your meal. Many people prefer sake or beer with their sushi, but wine can be a perfect choice if you like something lighter. Get the most out of your dining experience with one of these wines that pair well with sushi.


If you prefer sushi with lighter cuts of fish, then a riesling is the wine for you. The fruity flavors and acidity heighten the freshness of the fish. A dry riesling pairs exceptionally well with white fish or yellowtail, while an off-dry riesling’s sweetness cuts the spiciness of sushi with an extra bit of heat, such as Spicy Tropical Rolls or Fire Phoenix Rolls.

Pinot Noir

You’ve likely heard that you should pair white wine with fish, and red wine should never grace the same table as a plate of delicate sushi. However, in some cases, you can pair sushi with a light-bodied red wine for a dish that sings. A pinot noir, for example, has mild tannins, making it a perfect pair for tuna or salmon sushi. It does not have a robust flavor that will overpower the sushi, nor will it make the fish taste metallic. Instead, the light, fruity flavor compliments the fish beautifully.

Sauvignon Blanc

If you love your sushi battered and deep-fried, you’ll enjoy pairing tempura with a light-bodied white wine like a sauvignon blanc. The fruity notes from the passion fruit and citrus blend with the buttery flavor of the battered vegetables and fish. Plus, sauvignon blanc works well as a palate cleanser between bites so that you can enjoy the complex flavors of every bite.

Pinot Grigio

When you need a meal that is on the lighter side, you can pair a lean cut of fish with a light-bodied white wine like pinot grigio. Sashimi, nigiri, and maki are excellent choices for people watching their weight. And the good news is that they don’t have to drink a glass of water or diet soda with their sushi. Instead, they can enjoy a glass of light wine featuring fruity notes that make the fish flavors stand out.

It’s important to note that you change the flavors’ complexity if you add soy sauce or wasabi to your nigiri, sashimi, or maki. A pinot grigio will not be your best option in this case. You’ll want a sweet wine that calms the spice. As we mentioned earlier, a riesling tastes great with spicy sushi.


Are you celebrating a special occasion? It’s time to dish up the sushi and break out the bubbly! A decadent meal of seafood or shellfish calls for an equally decadent beverage. The sparkling wine should not be so sweet that it overwhelms the subtle flavors of the dish, but don’t be afraid to choose your favorite Champagne because this wine pairs well with a variety of dishes.

Find Your Next Sushi and Wine Pairing at Kabuto

Now that you know some of the best sushi and wine pairings, you will not feel so intimidated when a menu is placed in front of you at a sushi restaurant. Even if these pairings do not make your taste buds tingle, you really cannot go wrong with choosing your favorites. Love red wine with your sashimi? Go for it! Prefer the fruity bursts of flavor from a pinot grigio with your spicy sushi? We’ll serve it! 

If you’re ready to experiment with your own sushi and wine pairings, visit us at your favorite Kabuto location today! You can also check out our menu and gallery to begin planning your exquisite meal.