Rolled sushi and hand-rolled sushi sitting below and above each other on a black background

Sushi is a staple in Japan and beyond. It comes in several varieties, including maki rolls and temaki. When you dine at sushi restaurants in Rockville, MD, and beyond, you’ll have the opportunity to dine on either dish. But should you order roll or hand-roll sushi? Is there even a difference? Yes, there is! And the distinction is important (but delicious, either way). Here’s how roll sushi (or maki) differs from hand-rolls (or temaki).

What Is Rolled Sushi?

Rolled sushi is also known as makizushi or maki for short (in case you were hoping to expand your repertoire of sushi lingo). This sushi dish features vinegared rice and toppings, such as fresh fish or vegetables, wrapped together in nori sheets using a bamboo mat (or a makisu). The rolls can vary in size and form but are typically cut into six or eight bite-sized pieces for easy consumption.

When you eat at a sushi bar and are perusing the menu, you will likely see two types of sushi rolls: hosomaki and futomaki. These rolls vary based on how many fillings they have. Hosomaki rolls include only one ingredient and are therefore very thin. Futomaki rolls, on the other hand, are typically thicker because they contain two or more ingredients. Some popular maki rolls you can try at a sushi restaurant include:

What Is Hand-Roll Sushi?

Hand-rolled sushi (or temaki) is a type of maki roll, meaning the dishes have the same basic ingredients. However, a hand roll differs from a sushi roll in shape and consumption.

While makizushi is rolled into a tubular shape with a bamboo mat, temaki is formed by rolling the nori seaweed sheet by hand into a cone shape. The ingredients of fish, sushi rice, and vegetables sit within the cone, allowing you to easily eat the sushi with your hands. When you order hand rolls, you don’t have to worry about navigating the proper technique of eating with chopsticks.

Just like makizushi, temaki comes in many variations, including futomaki and hosomaki. What does this mean? You can enjoy all your favorite sushi dishes in an easy-to-eat form!

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